Our Impact

Primary Cause Area:

Alternative to mental and behavioral health by providing psychological supports, nutrition education, and physical exercise.

Primary Demographics Served:

Our customers are comprised of schools, civic organizations, non-profits, out-of-school-time services, and large youth groups, who can buy at three different levels. Customers can buy coaching sessions, add online content, or have our team deliver a live workshop. After completion of any level of programming, we offer users continued access to the community  through our private Facebook page.


Emotional regulation, the skills and self-awareness in relation to empathy and conflict resolution,  is not provided in modern day educational programming. Given how prime emotional regulation and conflict resolution are to the success of a stabilized life, individuals are entering the real world unprepared for reality.


Our purpose is to provide students with essential emotional literacy skills so they can live and lead a meaningful and wholehearted life. The Behavior Hub provides a comprehensive emotional intelligence education to a generation that is not introduced to social-emotional skills. Or, the education they do receive doesn't provide them with the tools necessary to live a mentally and emotionally well-balanced life.

Students will learn through problem solving and self regulatory strategies. TBH will disrupt the current system of social-emotional education by demonstrated demand for the empowerment of youth and adults with the skill-set necessary to thrive mentally and emotionally.

Our secret ingredient??? You’ll have to message us to find out more!


Parent Testimonial

"The Behavior Hub’s (TBH) contribution to M's social, emotional, and educational growth is invaluable. TBH succeeded where other mental health professionals failed. With TBH’s help, M is showing amazing improvement. M's aggressive acts have decreased in frequency and severity and her interactions with peers are predominantly positive. Her self-esteem and self-image have improved and she can now verbalize her emotional state and the cause of her feelings.”


TBH’s desired outcomes:

Objective 1: By December 31, 2019, TBH will reach 1,200 adults in order to enhance awareness of adults on importance of understanding and applying empathetic communication and self-regulation skills to their relationships with children.

Update as of 5/15/19: We’re currently on track to DOUBLE this goal!

Objective 2: Ninety percent of children that TBH serves displaying at least 5 emotional regulation skills (regulation skills include but are not limited to:  appropriate responses to denials, transitioning between activities, respecting physical space boundaries, independent problem solving, and using self-regulation techniques) within eight weeks of service start date.

Update as of 5/15/19: This is what we call a ‘BHAG’ or Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal, and we’re crushing it!